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Willow Springs Missouri

Willow Springs Missouri Real Estate is available. Homes for Sale in Willow Springs Missouri are in high demand. Properties are going fast at this time due to market demand. We need Willow Springs Real Estate listings to meet this high demand! If you are ready to sell property in Willow Springs Missouri, email CKing@HowellCountyMissouriRealEstate.com for a Willow Springs Property Valuation today.

Area Information

Willow Springs is located in Howell County Missouri. Willow Springs is located in the northern portion of Howell County Missouri. According to the US Census, Willow Springs stretches 3.55 square miles and has a population of 2184. Willow Springs is the 3rd most populated community in Howell County.


The public school education for the city is Willow Springs R-IV serving grades PK-12. Private schools nearby in West Plains are Ozarks Christian Academy and Faith Christian Academy. Many of the surrounding towns attend rural schools up until ninth grade and then attend West Plains for high school. Many of the children from the Junction Hill School District, attend Willow Springs after completion of the 8th grade.

After graduating high school, the county has continued educational opportunities through the Missouri State University satellite campus located in West Plains, through the Greater Ozarks Center for Advanced Technology, and through the South Central Career Center, Southwest Baptist University Campus in the nearby town of Mountain View Missouri.


Employment and career resources and opportunities can be found in the nearby town of West Plains through the South Central Career Center, the Missouri Jobs Center, and Penmac Staffing.

Willow Springs Missouri Homes for Sale are in high demand, in addition to land sales. As Willow Springs is nearby to West Plains, Mountain View, and Mountain Grove, education and career opportunities exist in all directions and are within a short drive.  If you looking for homes for sale in Willow Springs Missouri, send us a message to discuss your needs, then we will create a buyer profile for you which will allow us to send properties that fit your criteria.

Willow Springs Chamber of Commerce

The Willow Springs Chamber of Commerce is located in Willow Springs. The Chamber offers a variety of opportunities for networking and advertising in order to have a positive impact on businesses and the community, moreover business success.

In addition to the Chamber of Commerce Offices, the Ozark Business Incubator is located in Howell County. While the services of the Chamber of Commerce offices target the county,  OZBI provides services for businesses across the Ozarks.

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