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List and Sell Property in Howell County with  Local  Real Estate Listing Agent Christy King. Hello, I am Christy King. I want to first say thank you for your consideration and interest in working with me to sell your property.  Selling a property doesn’t have to be time-consuming, labor-intensive,  or stressful. As a real estate listing agent, I strive to deliver great service by delivering exceptional service and keeping clients informed from start to finish with weekly updates of activities in relation to their property listing.  Prior to listing the property, we consult clients on the current Howell County Local Real Estate market, on Howell County property values and property value, as well as property condition. We provide suggestions to assist clients in getting their properties in top-selling condition affordably. To help sellers prepare properties to sell, we advise on exterior improvements and affordable curb appeal strategies, as well as interior improvements that can be made to capture and highlight property features aiding in property marketability.  While listing the property,  we implement highly efficient and effective marketing campaigns, utilizing proven marketing strategies targeting numerous high-ranking websites in search engines, numerous real estate portal verticals,  multiple listing services, corporate marketing channels, social media networks, buyer contact databases, and much more.  In addition to the real estate consulting, real estate marketing, and advertising, we work with sellers on the real estate contracts to negotiate on the sellers’ behalf in the real estate negotiations process.

Property Valuation

Property Valuation is important to determine the current market value of the property. Pricing a Property to sell begins with pricing a property at the most likely price a buyer is willing to pay for a property in the current market.  We are a Certified Pricing Strategy Advisor (PSA)  located in Howell County. Pricing a property to sell begins with pricing a property at the most likely price a buyer is willing to pay in the current market. We provide clients with a Real Estate Comparative Market Analysis for their property and home valuation.  The CMA provides clients with information about the current market, competition of similar properties, and recent property sales of similar properties in the market area.

Home Valuations

When considering home valuations, there are different home valuation services which are automated valuation models AMVs, Appraisals, Comparative Market Analysis CMAs, and Brokers’ Price Opinions BPOs. A Missouri Home Valuation can be useful for many reasons.   Depending on the reason  for needing the home value, will determine the home valuation method

Automated Valuation Models provide insight into the market using mathematical modeling, however, AMVs can lack in regards to accuracy due to not accounting for the recent market sales or possibly concessions in the home sales contracts.

Appraisals are provided by licensed or certified appraisals. Appraisals develop an opinion of value to which values the collateral for real estate transactions with lenders for loans.

Comparative Market Analysis Reports provided by Real Estate Professionals provide information about the recent and current market of similar homes listed, sold, and unsold. Additionally, CMAs are more likely to take into account concessions of comparable property sales. The goal of a Real Estate CMA is to provide clients with the necessary information about the current market value range and most probable selling price range for properties of interest when purchasing or when selling property.

CMAs Are Not Appraisals, they are provided by licensed real estate professionals for the purpose of providing information about the most likely price range a property would sell for in the current market.

Brokers Price Opinions are similar to CMAs however pinpoint down the most probable selling price, as opposed to providing the price range of most probable listing and selling prices.

Real Estate Negotiations

Real Estate Negotiations without an agent working on your behalf can be stressful, especially when the other party has a real estate agent working on their behalf. Many buyers will have buyers agents they are working with to aid in their property search as well as the real estate contract process. As a seller’s agent, we work hard to negotiate on behalf of the seller. When offers come in, we will submit offers timely and consult with sellers on the buyers’ qualification status to purchase the property. When an offer is accepted, we will work with the buyers agent to coordinate any appraisals, inspections, and surveys needed so as to continue the process moving along.

List Property

The first step to begin the discussion about selling property is to contact us below.  Once we have received the form submission we will reach out via the email and phone number you have provided.

We will schedule a time that is convenient for you to have a meeting. During our meeting,  we will discuss the current local real estate market, the average number of days properties like yours are on the market and the current market value range of your property. We will go over the real estate services we provide, provide a timeline of events, and answer any questions you have about the process.

Listing Agent

During this discussion at the meeting, we will discuss the current local real estate market in Howell County, market trends,  and the current market value of your property. We will discuss in-depth the real estate disclosures and services offered and how we will market and advertise your property to get your property sold as your listing agent.  Additionally, we will discuss steps you can take to get your property in top-selling condition. Additionally, we will talk about curb appeal and discuss affordable exterior improvements, and interior improvements. We will discuss how to prepare and maintain your property for showings and what to do at showings, and more. At this time, we will discuss your needs, wants, and expectations. We will discuss the timeline of events to expect.

Before we leave the meeting, it is our goal that clients feel completely informed about the property selling process. We strive for clients to feel informed and confident about what they can do to get the best price for their property. Additionally, we strive for clients to feel completely informed and confident about what we will be doing to deliver the most exposure to potential buyers the quickest for their property. Clients can expect to receive weekly activity summaries with logs of activities related to the property.

In addition to topics we will discuss at the appointment, we have a pre-listing appointment checklist of items for clients to look over to prepare that we will send prior to the appointment. Tools are provided in efforts to help sellers prepare properties to sell.


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