Missouri Real Estate Brokerage

Missouri Real Estate Brokerage

Fathom Realty MO LLC is the Missouri Real Estate Brokerage under which we operate.  If interested in joining Fathom Realty as an agent or as a team, we invite you to contact us for information about Fathom Realty Missouri. We are the Local Fathom Realty Agent located in Howell County MO providing South Central Missouri Real Estate Services.


Fathom Realty : 1-888-455-6040

The Howell County Missouri Real Estate website focuses on the southern portion of the state in Howell County Missouri. We feature properties in West Plains, Mountain View, Willow Springs, Pomona, Peace Valley, Pomona, Moody, Caulfield, Hutton Valley, and everywhere in between in the county of Howell.

Additionally, we offer real estate services in neighboring counties as well. Our South Missouri Real Estate website features land and farms and Missouri homes for sale across the Missouri Ozarks in Southern Missouri. Through our South Missouri Properties website, buyers can search for properties for sale in our service markets in Oregon County Missouri, Texas County Missouri, Shannon County Missouri, Douglas County Missouri, Ozark County Missouri, Wright County Missouri and more.