Howell County Missouri Home Values - Howell County Missouri Home Value

Howell County Missouri Home Values

Howell County Missouri Home Values

Howell County Missouri Home Values can be provided to sellers with a home valuation often referred to as a comparative market analysis.  A comparative market analysis is a report prepared by real estate agents using data from the current real estate market. Home valuations are provided to allow home sellers to know the value of their homes in the current market. Knowing the Howell County Home Value in the current Howell County Real Estate Market helps sellers to price homes to sell fast and for the current market value of their home. Overpricing homes for sale can have negative effects as listings that are overpriced and on the market for a long time can risk losing potential buyer interest.

Howell County Home Values

According to the last US Census reporting for Howell County that is available, the median value of owner-occupied housing units for Howell County from 2015-2019 was $112,200.  The median gross rent was $598. We will update this information when new data is available.

Howell County Home Valuation

If you are considering selling a home in Howell County and need a home value report for the current market, moreover a Property Value Report for any type of property, reach out to us for a Comparative Market Analysis. CMAs are prepared by Licensed Real Estate Professionals. A CMA is based on the current market, additionally, comparable properties which are recently sold and on the market help to analyze data.   Automated value estimates don’t take into account the most current information, therefore don’t provide the full picture. With a CMA, Comparisons are made of similar properties on the market, recently sold properties, and properties that were listed but did not sell. Comparable properties must be similar in nature and features, recent, and within the local area. Additionally, the condition of the properties affects the value as well. Comparative Market Analysis are not to be confused with appraisals.


Appraisals are performed by Licensed Appraisers. When buyers are purchasing through lenders, lenders hire appraisers to provide appraisals. In summary, Real Estate Agents provide Comparative Market Analysis for Sellers, and Appraisors provide Appraisals for Lenders. Appraisers can be hired by property owners as well for appraisals. However, lenders will require appraisals from their selected appraisers, not property sellers.

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