Habitat Improvement on Hunting Land

Habitat Improvement on Hunting Land

Habitat improvement on hunting land is possible through forest management practices. Forest management practices to sustain forest growth and provide ecosystem balance can provide hunting land habitat improvement for the future while protecting growth of food sources.

Strategically planned select cut timber extraction by rotational timing, and in line with carefully selected harvesting and replanting, can help to sustain forest growth.

Landowners might want to consider consulting with a professional forester. Cutting the wrong trees or too many trees could result in damaging the forest growth capability. To clarify, cutting trees without knowing how those cuts will affect forest growth, can create problems.  Professional foresters, however, can help to create harvesting plans. A professional harvesting plan can help to ensure that the timber extraction will allow the forest to have continued growth. Over-cutting trees of the same species and or size, or cutting trees within too close of proximity, for example, could have negative effects on sustaining forest growth.  Furthermore, the decrease in forest growth can risk habitat improvement on the land. Decreased food sources can decrease wildlife traffic. Additionally,  the lack of forest growth could potentially affect the future land value as well. especially in regards to the timber value.

Habit Improvement Requires a Harmonious Ecosystem

Continued forest growth can sustain the ecosystem and the environment. The environment nurtures the wildlife. A forest ecosystem can become unbalanced due to drastically changing the environment. As a result, the unbalanced ecosystem is unable to sustain the needs of all the living organisms it supports.  Implement forest management practices and reforestation to sustain forest growth. Forest growth supports the ecosystem.  A harmonious ecosystem can create new growth thereby resulting in new food sources. New food sources can support and improve the hunting land wildlife habitat. Improved wildlife habitat can help to increase the traffic of wildlife in the land area. The Missouri Department of Conservation provides great resources for learning about Forest Land Management.

Sustain your forest growth while improving your hunting land habitat through forest management sustainment practices.