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Buyer Resources

Real Estate Buyer Resources

Buyer Resources are provided throughout our site in order to provide information about topics on financing, programs, information. View current mortgage rates. Learn about Mortgage Prequalification, home financing, and low down payment mortgage loans. Be in the know about options you may qualify for such as FHA Loans, Conventioanl 97 Mortgages, VA Home Loans and more. Learn about Federal and State resources for land financing.

Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates change daily. Due to daily rate changes, we have created a section on our site in which you can check the current mortgage rates and compare rates for adjustable-rate mortgages and fixed-rate mortgages. Additionally, you can compare rates weekly and monthly, to see if rates are going up or down.

Mortgage Prequalification

Mortgage Prequalification is a crucial step prior to making an offer on real estate when using financing. Having a mortgage prequalification letter, lets the seller know that buyers are willing, ready, and able to purchase. View the section on our site regarding Mortgage Pre-Qualification to learn more about this process and when might consider moving forward to get prequalified.

Home Financing

Home Financing Options are in abundance. Different lenders will have different options.  Additionally, there are also several federal and state resources that provide resources and programs to help make homeownership affordable, moreover a reality for many.  Check with different lenders for options and offers and compare. Check resources for and programs available for low down payment loans that you may qualify for! If planning to finance a home, prepare first by calculating your debt to income ratio in effort to meet percentages required by lender to get loan approval. Debt to Income Ratio is the amount of your monthly income that is spent in monthly debt.  Different lenders and loan programs will have different requirements but it is a good idea to strive for a DTI of no more than 35. Click Here to Learn More About Debt to Income Ratio with Examples.

Low Down Payment Mortgage Loans

Low Down Payment Mortgages can help buyers purchase homes much easier due to not having to save up funds for large down payments. There are several options for Low Down Payment Mortgages. On the Low Down Payment Mortgages section of our site, we will continue to add more information. Additionally, more resources will be added as we come across them. Resources are provided in efforts to help buyers be informed about options available. Additionally, we aim to help inform and prequalify buyers to empower them to make real estate purchases. Please be sure to check out our listings and contact us to schedule a showing on properties you would like to see.

First Time Home Buyer Loans

FHA First-time Home Buyer Loans through the Federal Housing Administration help first-time homebuyers purchase homes with low down payments, low closing cost, and easier credit qualification. FHA Loans are guaranteed by the Federal Government enabling lenders to offer attractive options. Ask your lender or search for lenders that offer FHA Loan Products.

Conventional 97 Mortgage Loans

Conventional 97 Loans are a great low down payment mortgage option for those who qualify either being first-time homebuyers or prior homeowners that have not owned a home within the last year years. The Conventional 97 Mortgages offer homebuyers low down payments with easier credit qualification.

VA Loans

VA Home Loans are a great option for Veterans. The VA Home Loan Benefits are able to be used more than once! Veterans that qualify for using their VA Loan can purchase homes with NO down payment. Veterans can apply to get their VA Certificate of Eligibility

Land Financing

Land Financing Resources are available to help land buyers learn about Federal and State Programs as well as lenders for land financing.


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